Discover you authentic self, with this practical workshop, hosted by Abbey Jade Cosmetics, located at endota spa Wyong and presented by ‘Living with Love’, Michelle Powell. 

Living Your Authentic Self Workshop

Living Your Authentic Self Workshop.
How to be yourself in a world that constantly dictates who we ‘should’ be and what ‘should’ make us happy.
We can all forget the magic we have within – Lets reconnect with our inner self like never before.
Are you tired of living a certain way to survive, fit in, or get by in life?
Do you want to build a deeper relationship with yourself?
Do you want to find people who want to see the best happen for you?
We can get lost in the day to day requirements of life, family and responsibility that we can stop hearing and feeling all the calls and pulls that our heart and soul has. We don’t hear or notice what we really want or need in order to be the best version of ourselves.
I believe everyone has something wonderful and exquisite to offer themselves, their family, friends and the world at large. Often it is locked away, even from our own self, because we are too busy, too tired, too stressed and have too much on our plate.
To top all of this off we don’t even know where to start to build that relationship within.
I am here to help you to find and be YOUR true self. To learn more about yourself and most importantly uncover who YOU want to be. Whatever that may mean or look like for you personally.
We ALL need support networks. I pride myself on creating safe and loving spaces to self-discover, heal, connect and discern who you really are in each given moment.
It is time to be open, vulnerable and embrace your inner self so you can find your passion, purpose, happiness and anything else that calls you.
This workshop will give you the tools to delve deep into how we can uncover the magic that is within you. Where you can start to build that amazing relationship with yourself and begin to create the life, love, family, career, finances, health and world of your dreams.
It starts with you. Break the mould in your mind and embrace your true self. We all go through dark times, difficulties and struggles, but we can choose to stay there, or we can emerge out and begin again. No matter where you are at right now in your life, you can make steps towards rebuilding you. Know that YOU are worthwhile and you deserve to feel connected to yourself, connected to your self-esteem and to whatever makes your heart feel full.
I look forward to helping you on your journey.
You will walk away with:
Your own personal comprehensive core values. These are the deep questions to know about yourself to be fully congruent with YOU.
You will also learn how to adapt them as you grow and evolve as an individual. We take the time to really dive deep into questions that you may have never been asked before. You may not even know how to answer them! But with guidance you will walk away with a better understanding of self, what is truly important to you and how to move forward.
Practical tools using your body, mind, heart and soul to connect to self to listen to YOUR true being, not other people’s opinions, your ego, what is socially acceptable, or anything else, just YOU.
Knowing how to connect to yourself using different methods depending on your state, your own personal way of self-connection and how to adjust it accordingly.
Who is Michelle?
Michelle is an internationally recognised Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner. She has been a health care professional since 2003. She is the author of 3 times Amazon best seller “The Mastery of Wellness” and also holds such qualifications as: Nutrition Specialist, Emotional Coach, Diploma of Mental Health, Exercise Coach, Older Adults and Children’s Coach, Rehabilitation, Pre/Ante/Post Natal Care, Personal Trainer, Back Care Expert, Core Care Expert and more.
‘Living with Love’ is Michelle’s life motto and business name, which to her means “Finding and Living your Passion, Purpose and Happiness”. At Living with Love we talk about all things in a ‘real’, open and vulnerable way. Everything can be open to discussion including healing, love, health, relationships and being your authentic self.
Living With Love provides safe and loving spaces for individuals and groups to experience:
Workshops for large and small groups
Holistic Health Care: Catering for physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual health needs
Equine Assisted Coaching
Much more
*Please Note * Every time I run this course it is unique to the individuals that come and share the space. Therefore each time I run this workshop it is different. I intuitively hold every course and follow my heart and guidance to trust the flow of each workshop.
All participants receive a take home manual from each event. Please note that in our workshop we may NOT go through the manual in its entirety. I trust that we will show up exactly how the workshop was intended for that day. HOWEVER, with saying this, then some responsibility falls back on you. To take the time to read the manual, do the exercises and use it as a practical tool to remind you where to go to help yourself individually heal, connect and become more YOU than ever before.
I will be there to guide you along this path. You can reach out to me at any time, not just during the workshop.


All bookings to go through the spa, call 02 4351 1977


Living Your Authentic Self Workshop Ticket

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Workshop Investment:
Early Bird (before Sept 15th): $79
Full Price: $89
Refreshments will be provided for everyone on the day.
Besides your take home manual from the event you will also receive a take home gift from Endota Spa

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