During this uncertain time, we never know when we might find ourselves in another lockdown or at the least, working from home. During these necessary, yet difficult times many of us feel isolated and both our mental and physical wellness suffers.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is valued at $4.5 trillion — and it’s been steadily growing for some time. This indicates that many of us understand how important our health and wellness are and are making real steps to improve them. However, during the Covid pandemic, we all have been limited in the opportunities we have to participate in wellness or fitness activities.

But like many of our daily events, including our employment has adjusted accordingly by moving online, permitting us to work from home and carry out our activities from the comfort and safety of our lounge rooms.

Consequently, COVID-19 has completely changed the face of the wellness industry. Online, at-home wellness has boomed and is going to continue to be a major trend in 2021. Anything that has adapted to our new and possibly long-term situation and offered digitally delivered programs has just taken off and will only grow significantly in the future.

Not only is it more important than ever to keep our physical and spiritual health at its optimum but as humans, we need social interaction to stay well. The move to virtual platforms that allowed us to bring wellness practices into our homes was driven by necessity, but it has also had another unexpected yet very positive effect. Virtual wellness makes services much more accessible to everyone, including those who may live in areas where certain classes or practices aren’t usually offered. 

To help you navigate the wellness possibilities offered online, we will list our top 5 virtual wellness concepts.

1. Virtual Fitness Classes

Being stuck at home for long periods has made us more comfortable sitting around in our PJ’s or trackie daks and less likely to indulge in exercise. To remedy this issue, virtual fitness classes are a fantastic way to encourage us to take account of our fitness even while working remotely.

Virtual fitness is the fusion of exercise with technology. Virtual workouts allow you to follow a sweat session at your own comfort and time. It allows those committed to their fitness to exercise at any time of the day, according to their schedule. All you need to do is roll out of bed or minimize that excel spreadsheet, set up your mat, and start your workout. Easy!

Some fitness studios have taken to Zoom to replicate their classes. This is a great option if you want to continue to support your local gym, which many will be relying on for survival. There are also many free workout routines requiring little or no equipment, being streamed on various online mediums. This is a perfect option for those who have lost their jobs or have had their work hours cut due to Covid and are finding it difficult to budget. Fitness is also a perfect stress relief, which many of us need now more than ever.

There has been no better time than now to try out new and various fitness options at minimal or no cost. We have more time to take care of ourselves, with a more adaptable schedule, so why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and keep ourselves healthy and happier.  

There is a mix of Live Streaming programs and other programs or routines that can be streamed or followed at any time, making fitness classes so much more accessible and practical for all of us.

Some fitness classes to check out:

https://fitnessfirstathome.fitnessfirst.com.au/ – A bunch of FREE workouts, nutrition ideas & wellness classes.

https://goodlifeathome.goodlife.com.au/  – A bunch of FREE workouts & nutrition ideas.

https://keeponmoving.fitness.org.au/keep-on-moving/295 – A list of a mix of free & subscription workouts.

https://keepitcleaner.com.au/ – A subscription bases fitness program.

https://www.youtube.com/c/NatachaOc%C3%A9anefit/videos – A YouTube fitness trainer that offers various workouts as well as loads of interesting information.

https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UCSld2X4CREfM9J3f485kEgQ – A YouTube fitness trainer Bailey

Brown offers a great selection of workouts & lots of health information.


2. Virtual Yoga

 Although many of us attend our local yoga class as a social connection as much as for the health benefits, Covid has made this sometimes an impossible task. Some of us may not feel as comfortable stretching in poses we don’t quite have a grasp on yet. So, for these situations, the perfect solution is virtual yoga.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline that includes controlled breathing, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It is widely practised for health and relaxation purposes.

Yoga has many health benefits, including stress relief and improvements in one’s physiological, psychological & biochemical well-being.

If you’re feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed in these unsure times, yoga is the perfect way to have a therapeutic session in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

There are plenty of apps and online programs offering great yoga sessions. So, what are you waiting for get those downward dog and lotus poses happening.

Some online yoga options to check out:

https://www.powerliving.com.au/timetables/ – Offers Livestream memberships.

https://www.roamingzen.com.au/classes/on-demand-pre-recorded-classes-workouts/ – An Adelaide based fitness studio that provides a subscription service.

 https://www.yogaonenine.com.au/ – A Port-Macquarie studio offering live-streamed sessions.

https://www.dailyyoga.com/#/ – A very popular yoga app, with everything from beginners to advanced classes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8sGpWMwt4k – FREE yoga sessions bases in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. What better place is there?


 3. Virtual Meditation Classes

So, we are all feeling stressed and frustrated at the moment. How can we not? Life, as we knew it, has disappeared and been replaced with a life consisting of continued confusion, uncertainty and restrictions of all kinds. Many of us may never have meditated before, maybe never needed to or never thought it was for them. Well to help relieve some of the uncertainty and anxiousness in our minds, meditation can do wonders.

While we are restricted to our homes and are limited and where we can travel, there are a huge number of virtual options regarding meditation. So, fear not, take some time out, relax and ground yourself. You will feel so much better for it and might even feel like you can take on this crazy world as we now know it. Or at the very least meditation might help you deal with it.

Take a look at these meditation choices:

https://www.artofliving.org/au-en/Online-Guided-Meditation – FREE Online guided meditation sessions.

https://goodlifeathome.goodlife.com.au/mindful-at-home – FREE online yoga classes

https://thezenroom.com.au/ – A pay per class meditation service & other wellness programs.

https://www.freemeditation.com.au/webcasts/ – Offers a variety of virtual experiences on YouTube, Zoom & Facebook.

https://centredmeditation.com.au/virtualstudio/ – A subscription service – with 4 weeks free trial.


4. Wellness Sessions with a Nutritionist

Nutrition plays a massive role in maintaining one’s health. Since our health and our body’s immunity is our focus in today’s pandemic world, the right food can really help in boosting our immune system. However, working remotely and being stuck in lockdowns often means our diets have gone a little lopsided. Or maybe upside down completely.

It’s very important, especially at the moment, to recognise how food plays an extensive role in maintaining both physical and mental health. Maybe even more so than exercise.

To help you redirect your eating habits and to help educate you on proper nutritional practices, why not access a professional nutritionist. Investing in your health is investing in your future.

Just a few of the many available online nutritionists:

https://vibrantnutrition.com.au/ – Offers a plethora of nutritional information as well as a FREE Strategy session.

https://www.racheleagleton.com.au/work-with-me – A range of nutritional packages & a FREE Nutrition Action Plan.

http://www.eatsmartnutrition.com/online-diet-consulting/ – Offers online consulting and Blogs.

https://betame.com.au/telehealth-consultations/online-meal-planning/ – Offers online meal planning through Skype.

https://www.bbnutrition.com.au/online-dietitian – A great option offering online consultations.


 5. Online Wellness Counselling Services

Being in lockdown, losing a job or work hours as a result of the pandemic or feeling the stress of not being able to see family and friends in other states or even countries can be very stressful. These stresses can trigger other mental health issues and feel disconnected from professional help such as a counsellor will only add to it all.

Thank goodness there are many options for counselling services online. There is even a new service that provides TEXT counselling. That’s right, if picking up the phone is the hardest part for you, you can have a counselling session via text. As well as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp. Counselling has never been more accessible.

Some of the available services:

https://virtualpsychologist.com.au/ – offers an innovative and professional virtual service, including through SMS texting, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp.

https://www.ecentreclinic.org/ – Has a large array of online courses for all kinds of conditions, including anxiety, depression and wellbeing.

https://www.mentalhealthonline.org.au/ – Provides comprehensive and effective online services and programs FREE of charge for all areas of mental health.

https://www.mycompass.org.au/ – Provides a self-help guide and toolkit, which includes helpful interactive activities and strategies.

https://mindspot.org.au/ – Provides an online assessment and suitable programs.


It’s more important than ever before for all of us to stay healthy both physically and mentally. There are so many potential health issues that we can find ourselves falling into. The best way to make sure we avoid them as much as possible is to look after ourselves and our family. Take advantage of all the wonderful services that have been made to everyone no matter where their location or their budget. Stay healthy and happy!


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