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Abbey Jade Breathe Easy is an organic blend of warming, clearing and decongestive essential oils designed to aid easy breathing & decongestion. It will reduce the presence & further deposition of phlegm & clear congestion of the nasal tracts, bronchi, & lungs resulting from colds.

The essential oil mix relaxes & sedates, relieving any tension & provides relief from coughs and breathing trouble. Which also makes it a fantastic pain relief alternative, especially for headaches, migraine, muscle & joint pain.

Our lovely Easy Breathe composition has the added benefit of being antibacterial & anti-microbial. This means it works wonders for providing instant relief from spots, acne & damaged skin. It inhibits bacterial growth in those areas & provides protection against infection.

Breathe Easy oil blend guarantees a good sleep at the end of the day.


Abbey Jade Cosmetics is 100% Natural, Cruelty Free, Organic, Vegan, Made in Australia, Palm Oil free