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It’s now so easy to achieve a smoky eye or dramatic look with this dome shaped sponge tip smudge brush. The small dome shape of the soft sponge helps make blending and diffusing colour so easy. The sponge picks up the shadow with ease and glides it across the eye crease with a smooth, consistent flow.

You can also use the brush for precision shading on the eyelid, along the lash line or under the eye. This is the perfect small brush for detailed eye makeup application, allowing a pinpoint precision of colour.

It’s ideal for shaping and blending & enables you to really get creative with your eyeshadow application. Use to define your crease or buff out your transitions to achieve a pro-level, customised finish every time.

This neat little brush can also be used to smudge eyeliner or shadow under the eye and on the top eyelash line or to fill eyebrows.
This practical all rounder, is an absolute must for any makeup kit.