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We often neglect our neck & décolletage when we undertake our skincare routine. But these two areas are surely the areas we notice first when it comes to ageing skin. The skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on your face so it loses elasticity before most body parts. Yet, we still neglect to give it the TLC it truly needs. A tell tale sign of your age is your neck & often the most sun damaged area is our décolletage.

Abbey Jade has the answer. The ultimate nightly treatment balm, for both the face & the neck & décolletage. Our beautiful Night & Neck Cream provides a collective blend of Quandong (Australian Native Peach), Kakadu Plum and Vitamin C to help hydrate and repair damaged cells whilst you sleep.

Our highly specialised formula involves a concoction of anti-oxidants to prevent premature aging by fighting free radical damage. While it also contains a range of natural AHA’s to naturally & gently desolve dead skin cells, clearing blocked pores & evening out surface lines & pigmentation.

This amazing cream is also packed with a variety of essential oils to support the healing, nourishing & strengthening properties needed to protect the face, neck & décolletage. Protecting them from ageing & from the damage of environmental factors.

The calming aroma of Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot make it the perfect pre-sleep ritual. So you sleep well, while the super power ingredients work their magic.

Add this Night & Neck Cream to your skincare regime to help plump, tone & smooth out your skin, ensuring you look the best you can while being NATURALLY TRUE!

Abbey Jade Cosmetics is 100% Natural, Cruelty Free, Organic, Vegan, Made in Australia, Palm Oil free