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FOR MEN Protective Cream SPF 15 is a natural lotion with the ability to both deeply hydrate, repair and protect without the use of harmful chemicals. With an SPF 15 rating achieved by using only natural sun barriers (Zinc Oxide and Red Raspberry Seed Oil), this antioxidant infused daily cream is an effective way to prevent future sun damage and maintain soft, supple skin all year round.

ZINC OXIDE – Zinc Oxide is a natural, physical sun-screening agent that sits on your skin. It absorbs & scatters UV radiation, reflecting both UVA and UVB rays. Our Zinc Oxide has an average particle size of 180nm. A nano-particle is one with dimensions of less than 100nm. Zinc particles above 200nm are unable to act as sunscreens. This powerful ingredient also rejuvenates the skins connective tissue, giving a bright healthy glow.

RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL – Our luxurious Red Raspberry Seed Oil has an SPF of 28 – 50 and also protects against UVA & UVB Rays.

Due to these two primary ingredients, along with an array of other therapeutic elements in our formulation, this light lotion offers many beneficial skincare properties. The Raspberry Seed Oil & Safflower Oil help with improving skin elasticity, suppleness and flexibility, while softening and smoothing the look of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

While Olive Leaf extract & Jojoba Oil condition & protect the skin. Their powerful antioxidants & vitamins promote cell renewal, repairing skin damaged by environmental factors including sun damage.

Note:  This product is not meant to be used in replacement of a full-spectrum sunscreen. It is a moisturiser with the added benefit of natural sun protection.

Great for after shaving as it is soothing & calms any skin irritations.

This cream offers essential protection against premature aging from sun exposure, while treating the already existing damage, allowing you to be NATURALLY TRUE!

Abbey Jade Cosmetics is 100% Natural, Cruelty Free, Organic, Vegan, Made in Australia, Palm Oil free