Mood is very definitely affected by scent. Our amazing Black Amber and Lavender scented candle is the epitome of sensuality and love. Our candles provide mood-altering notes and those that evoke the sensual aspect of our lives all blend into each and every original perfume creation.

Our Black Amber and Lavender aroma is sure to get you and your special someone in the mood for love and sexual excitment. It provides a soft, sensuous aroma that will add a luscious and sexy vibe to any romantic setting.

Or it makes the perfect signature scent for your home. People will love coming to your home, when you burn this amazing candle. It is bound to attract more friends and make your home feel very inviting and a special place to be.

Our candle fragrances are painstakingly developed, created layer by layer by utilising the most innovative and sustainable technologies available to create a magical experience, playing with the combination of scent and attraction. .

Our candles contain only premium grade fragrances, are made from environmentally sustainable soy wax. They are hand poured, Australian made, vegan and are never tested on animals (or use ingredients tested on animals).

Our luxury ribbed containers are made of hand produced glass with a ridged pattern. A stylish, eye catching and elegant candle container that can be reused later.

A unique and complex blend of rustic amber and french lavender with added notes of tonka bean, vanilla and clary sage.

Add a little luxury to your home or add a little sensual seduction to your bedroom and enjoy some quality time with your partner!

  • Our Candles come in a variety of fragrances and use only environmentally sustainable soy wax
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, Australian Made
  • Burn time approximately 55hrs
  • Height: 8.8cm x Diameter: 9cm
  • Wax: 255g
  • Matt Black Ribbed Pot