Lipstick is the world’s most popular cosmetic item. Every girl owns a #lipstick of some description, even those that rarely wear #makeup. If you’re feeling down, you can pop on a little lipstick and instantly feel a little better. If you are happy, you love our lipstick even more. Every girl has her favourite lipstick. Kind of like a signature that shows her naturally true self.

There are so many lipsticks out there that I won’t even attempt to put a number on them or list the massive range of different types of lipstick. Throughout the centuries lipstick has been a symbol of many things, from status & wealth to promiscuity. But during the twentieth century, in Western societies, it became widely socially accepted.


Lipsticks have been made from many different ingredients, some of them deadly. Cleopatra used crushed bugs to create a red colour for her lips. Then in the 19th century, lipstick was coloured with carmine dye. Carmine dye was extracted from cochineal, scale-insects native to Mexico and Central America which live on cactus plants. Cochineal insects produce carminic acid to deter predation by other insects. Carminic acid, which forms 17-24% of the weight of the dried insects, can be extracted from the insect’s body and eggs. Mixed with aluminium or calcium salts it makes carmine dye (also known as cochineal). Many lipsticks today still contain carmine dye.

Generally, lipstick contains wax, oils, antioxidants and emollients. Wax provides the structure to the solid lipstick. Lipsticks may be made from several waxes such as beeswax, ozokerite and candelilla wax. Because of its high melting point, Carnauba wax is a key ingredient in terms of strengthening the lipstick. Various oils and fats are used in lipsticks, such as olive oil, mineral oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, and petrolatum. Lead and other trace metals are also found in many lipsticks. They are not intentionally put there but are a accidently added with other chemicals that are combined during the lipstick production. Well that’s an unpleasant thought!
You can read more about this in my previous article:

Thankfully there are options on the market that do not contain chemicals, such as Abbey Jade Cosmetics – Vegan Mineral Lipstick. These options are a natural version and allow you to avoid the harmful chemicals intentionally or unintentionally added to all other lipsticks.


With the development of the push-up tube lipstick applicators, lipsticks were made to appeal to current fashion trends. This remains true even today. Initially only a limited number of lipstick shades were available. In the early 1930’s #ElizabethArden began to introduce different lipstick colours, which inspired many other companies to do the same. From there the lipstick colour range has become huge. By the 1950s, movie actresses #MarilynMonroe and #ElizabethTaylor helped bring back dark red lips. White or nearly white lipstick was also popular in the 1960s. This was also a time when lipstick was associated with femininity. Women that did not wear lipstick were suspected of mental illness or lesbianism – harsh!

From nudes to pink to even whackier options like yellow or green, lipstick has truly become a symbol of self-expression. Makeup proves to be a strong form of #selfexpression. In particular, the lipstick colour you choose to wear adds that punch to whatever you’re saying. Whether it be subtle or outrageous, a women chooses her lipstick colour very carefully. With her choice emerges her personality.

The importance of self-expression is one of the main focus points of Abbey Jade Cosmetics. We feel who better to celebrate in the name of self-expression than the amazing Marilyn Monroe. Her look is perfect for that up-and-coming Christmas party. So follow the steps below to achieve this iconic look with Abbey Jade Cosmetics.


STEP ONE – To achieve that beautiful radiant skin that Marilyn was known for, apply a good moisturiser followed by Abbey Jade Mineral Mattifying Primer Gel (or if you prefer our Invisible Primer Powder).

STEP TWO – To complete the fresh dewy look apply the Abbey Jade Cosmetics Foundation of choice, preferably the Mineral Foundation Powder or Smooth Liquid Mineral Foundation. Apply an even layer over the face, making sure to blend well along the neckline and around the hairline. If you have any spots or imperfections you can use our Corrector Cream compact to cover them or just apply a second layer of the foundation.

STEP THREE – To replicate the chiseled appearance of Marilyn, use Abbey Jade Cosmetics Bronzer and Illuminate powders for contouring to sculpt your features, aiming for a heart shaped look, with high cheekbones, wide forehead and a narrow chin effect.

Draw attention to the centre of your face, by applying our illuminate under the eyes and to the sides of the nose, by creating a triangle that starts from the inner corners of the eye to the nostrils and finally the outer corner of the eyes. Also highlight the centre of the nose, forehead and chin to achieve that heart shaped look that is representative of Marilyn.

Contouring is an equally important step for this look, in order to achieve high cheekbones, a slimmer nose and a smaller chin and jaw line. Start by applying a darker cream foundation or Bronzer under the cheekbones, and just under the jaw line, on the sides of the nose and especially on the tip. Blend everything at the extremities with a blending brush and finish off with our Banana Setting Powder, to set everything perfectly in place.

STEP FOUR – One of the main points of focus for a Marilyn look is the angular, pinkish blush that gives that healthy, youthful glow. Use our Pressed Mineral Blush in Bush Rose. Dust under the cheekbones and on the temples for a balanced look.

STEP FIVE – Next, contour your eyebrows in the classical 50’s shape. The shape should be angular, to further emphasise the contouring and highlighting and to draw attention to the centre of the face, especially the eyes. I use Abbey Jade’s Devil’s Marbles Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow.

STEP SIX – For the eyes, first apply Abbey Jade Silver Sand Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow over the entire lid. Take the Tasman Island Mineral Eyeshadow Powder and buff it into the outer third part of the socket line to create depth. Add a little more to the outer corner of the lid. Then add a tiny bit of Silver Mist Mineral Eyeshadow Powder to the centre of the lid, along the brow bone, and in the corner of the eye. Then with our Mineral Liquid Eyeliner carefully make a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, extending out slightly at the end, ending with a slight flick.

STEP SEVEN – Apply two coats of mascara to obtain the long thick lashes look. If you really want to be authentic apply long, thick false eyelashes that are longer on the outer ends.

STEP EIGHT – Now for the truly iconic, statement element of Marilyn’s look – the perfectly contoured lips. First, line the lips with a darker colour. We use Red Desert Mineral Eyeshadow Powder (used with a little primer or water it becomes a lip liner). Using a lip brush mix a little Red Desert eyeshadow powder with primer (or water) to make a pasty consistency. Line the lips, making sure you make a nice cupids bow shape by making an angular “V” with sharp points at the top. Follow the rest of the line around the mouth by matching point to point.

STEP NINE – Next, fill in the lips with Ruby Rose Mineral Lipstick

STEP TEN – Then finish it off with a touch of Abbey Jade Shimmer Powder or Illuminate Powder to the centre of the lower lip and complete it with a coat of Abbey Jade Mineral Lip Gloss.

For a little fun add a beauty spot to your right cheek.

Voila! Now you have the classic Marilyn Monroe look, you can hit the town feeling and looking like an iconic movie star.