Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples, especially on the face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, and nodules are all types of acne.

It commonly occurs during puberty, when the sebaceous glands activate, but it can occur at any age. It  can leave skin scars is it is not treated correctly.

Causes include genetics, the menstrual cycle, anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, using oil-based makeup, and squeezing pimples.

Our Enzyme Range is designed to specifically treat a acne/problem skin type. These products are loaded with natural anti-inflammatory elements which help keep the skin bacteria free. They also contain many soothing, antiseptic, astringent and detoxifying properties. These elements are all necessary in keeping a problem skin healthy, strong and to prevent further breakouts.


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