Beauty Basics – Makeup Essentials for Beginners

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Whether you have just started your make-up journey or you've been using it for years, let this guide help you get started on creating the ultimate make-up look with our basic makeup essentials! 1. Primer The first step [...]

TOP 5 WELLNESS IDEAS to get through another COVID lockdown

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During this uncertain time, we never know when we might find ourselves in another lockdown or at the least, working from home. During these necessary, yet difficult times many of us feel isolated and both our mental and [...]

The Rebel Lipstick – The History of Lipstick & Re-Creating Marilyn Monroe’s Look

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Lipstick is the world’s most popular cosmetic item. Every girl owns a #lipstick of some description, even those that rarely wear #makeup. If you're feeling down, you can pop on a little lipstick and instantly feel a little [...]


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