Whether you have just started your make-up journey or you’ve been using it for years, let this guide help you get started on creating the ultimate make-up look with our basic makeup essentials!

Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mattifying Primer Gel

1. Primer

The first step in your makeup application is primer. Primer is one of the makeup essentials and is used to make your skin a beautiful smooth canvas for you to create the perfect makeup look. Primer also mattifies, reducing oil production so that your makeup lasts much longer and stays put.

After applying your moisturisers and other skincare products squeeze the primer onto the back of your hand and dab it all over your face with your finger. Gently rub the primer in, making sure you cover every inch of your face! Once the primer absorbs you’re ready for step 2!

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics 14.5 Medium Beige Liquid Mineral Foundation

2. Foundation

Once you have primed your skin to begin your makeup look you should apply foundation. You can add layers without it looking like it is caked on. We all know how we cringe when we see the caked on foundation blunder or that dreaded visible line around the jawline, right? Well, using a beauty blender will eliminate those issues.

What is a beauty blender you may ask? Well, a beauty blender is a triangle, tear or egg shaped sponge that is used to blend makeup for a flawless look. The blender is one of the makeup essentials that is often forgotten but plays an important role in flawless application. It helps you achieve a smooth look by absorbing the product, which allows you to gradually add the ideal amount of foundation for your complexion, but don’t forget to wash it often!

Pump a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand, take out a flat makeup brush and spread it across the face and neck, then grab that beauty blender and start dabbing it all over the face, make sure it’s evenly spread and don’t forget to do your neck so you don’t get the visible line around your jawline! 

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mineral Corrector Cream Trio Compact

3. Concealer/corrector

The next step in your routine is to use a concealer/corrector. These products offer a photoshopped-looking finish and is a definate edition to our makeup essentials for any cosmetic bag. However, concealer is one of the trickiest products for a beginner to master. 

With Abbey Jade’s corrector cream trio, there is a shade for all the most common concealment needs. Green to eliminate redness, apricot to cover dark shadows and pigmentation and light beige to conceal most unwanted areas of pigmentation and blemishes.

Make sure you apply foundation before concealer, many people will argue against that but if you apply the concealer before the foundation, much of it goes to waste because the foundation spreads it over the whole face instead of the targeted area.

If you didn’t get enough beauty sleep last night, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Grab your Abbey Jade concealer brush and dip it into the apricot corrector, draw an inverted triangle shape under each eye and then grab that trusty beauty blender and dab it until it’s blended in. Next move onto the beige concealer, the beige is great for all skin types and is used as a general concealer. Apply the beige concealer on the eyelids and blend, this is also a great primer for eyeshadow to help it last all day long!

Now for the miracle worker, the green concealer! The green concealer is incredibly useful as it counteracts any red blemishes, including rosacea, pimples and acne! Green concealer is the only exception to the rule, you want to apply it before your foundation otherwise you will see a green tinge in your final look. When applying the green concealer you don’t want to overdo it, apply directly onto the area you’d like to conceal – if you’re applying it to a pimple apply it directly on the pimple, trying not to get the surrounding skin and then use the blender to dab it in until the pimple has been vanquished!

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4. Bronzer

Now that you’ve got a flawless base, it’s time for the next step! Bronzer adds a healthy, sun-bronzed glow to your skin without the sun damage. Bronzer is also perfect for contouring. So how do you apply it without going overboard? It’s simple, just dust a little bronzer into the hairline, across the cheek bones and neck to give the instant glow!

When applying bronzer you want to focus on the areas the sun would naturally touch. Using the Abbey Jade Kabuki brush apply the bronzer to the high points of your face – your cheekbones, hairline and temples. Sweep the brush across your cheekbones, temples and hairline in a C-like shape. Dust some along the jawline for a more defined look and apply to the bridge of the nose extremely lightly as you don’t want it to be too harsh! 

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow Powder 57i Big Roo

5. Eyeshadow

Do you want dramatic eyes? Subtle eyes? Natural shades or crazy colours? Mineral eyeshadow powders are so versatile that you can use them anywhere, as an eyeshadow, blush, body shimmer or even a bronzer. With Abbey Jade eyeshadows you can feel confident in wearing whatever look you desire. From a natural everyday look, a serious business women image, a fun colourful face or a glamorous evening look. The choice is yours!

For a simple eyeshadow look, dip your shadow brush into the pot to collect some powder, tap off the excess on the edge of the pot so’s not to waste any. Gently pat the shadow onto the eyelid, if you’d like a darker look apply another layer or a small amount of water. There are many different eyeshadow looks from a gentle everyday look to an extravagant evening look, you’re only limited by your imagination.

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mineral Liquid Eyeliner - Black

6. Eyeliner

Whether you’re a “fashionista” who wants to add a bit of color to your face or a “natural woman” who rarely wears makeup, eyeliner is a quick, easy way to enhance your eyes. It can make a small eye appear bigger, or a narrow eye wider. Liquid Eyeliner glides on with ease. Giving an effortless lift to your makeup!

You can create so many looks with eyeliner, I’d say that it’s the most veristle makeup product! 

For a simple but gorgeous wing, look straight ahead in the mirror, and mark a dot where you’d like the endpoint of your wing to be. Apply the liner from the outer corner of your eye to that end dot, using small strokes or one long stroke. Then, go back to your inner corner and start making your way to the end dot, and then finally fill it in, or leave it with the simple outline for a more unique design. Have fun and mess around with your liner and see you many beautiful designs you can create!

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mineral Mascara

7. Mascara

Now it’s time to lengthen those lashes with some mascara. Is you use nothing else, mascara is a must. It tops the list of makeup essentials as it brightens your eyes and face instantly. Simply take your freshly dipped mascara wand and apply one to two coats before you complete your look. An absolute makeup essential for beginners, mascara darkens, thickens and lengthens the lashes for a put-together look on the daily.

Many people believe that applying mascara is a simple task, and although it is the way you apply it can change the look of your eye shape! To start off, spin the wand around in the bottle to pick up the product, scraping off the excess on the edge of the bottle’s entrance hole. Now onto the application.

For a more “opened, doll eye” look, apply the mascara on the lower lashes, making sure you also cover the inner lashes as that’s what gives you that “opened, doll” look, apply another coat if you’d like a darker finish. Then move onto the top lashes, repeat the same process, making sure you get those inner lashes again!

To give a more “closed, cat eye” look, apply the mascara to the outer lashes only in a diagonal stroke, parallel to the face instead of upwards! When doing the top lashes, only do the outer lashes again. If you’d like a more subtle look, apply the mascara to the top lashes only.

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04 Cyprium Abbey Jade Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick

8. Lipstick

This makes our makeup essentials list as it is a key item for an irresistible pout. Lipsticks can change an entire look with just a simple swipe. To find the perfect natural coloured lip shade, opt for a colour slightly darker than your natural lip undertone to create the perfect wash of color. Abbey Jade 100% all natural vegan mineral lipsticks will be the most beautiful lipstick you will ever wear!

Simply fill the whole lip area with the lipstick tube, for a more dramatic look apply a lighter shade on the outer side of the lips and a darker shade in the middle, rubbing your lips together to blend the two colours and then you’ve got a “two-toned, ombre” look!

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Abbey Jade Cosmetics Body Shimmer Powder

9. Body Shimmer

It’s time to add the body shimmer! The final item in our makeup essentials list creates a beautiful micro-shimmer to enhance your skin’s radiance. The luxuriously silky powder can be used on the face and body to provide a luminous glow to your skin. Simply dust on your shoulders, chest, cheeks, even arms & legs for a superstar sparkle. You can even add a little to your lipstick, eyeshadow or blush to give that added unique zing! 

Body shimmer is easy to apply, it’s like a bronzer for your whole body! Simply grab your Abbey Jade Kabuki brush again and gather the dust by swirling it around the pot, tapping the edge to remove the excess. Swipe the brush over the desired areas, try applying it along the collarbone for a gorgeous ethereal effect! You can even add some to a spray bottle, then fill it up with water, shake it up and spray it over your body!

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Now that you know the basics, get out there and start experimenting, there are so many incredible looks you can create! You’re only limited by your imagination and the more you practice and experiment the better you’ll get, giving you the possibilities to create even more unique and beautiful looks. Now have fun and discover!

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