Mineral Cosmetics are not new. People have been using it for thousands of years. Men and women alike have been painting their bodies with “earth colours” since ancient times, think Aboriginal tribes painting their skin before ceremonies or Cleopatra underlining her eyes with Black Kohl or using ground pigments like red ochre to colour her lips and cheeks.

As beauty legend has it, it was the mid-1970s, in the aftermath of the frenzied peace love-ins of San Francisco, that a quiet, little cosmetic revolution was born. It was called “mineral makeup” – products made of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth, without any of the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives found in traditional makeup. Fast-forward some 30 years: Mineral makeup is virtually exploding the beauty market.

In more recent years, conventional methods have led to the development of not-so-natural cosmetics full of chemicals and unhealthy, often carcinogenic, ingredients. Mineral makeup gets back to basics, using naturally occurring, safe minerals, ground to a fine powder, as the makeup base.



Abbey Jade Loose Mineral Powder Foundation is our signature product. Here’s why:

Our mineral foundation contains a natural sunscreen.The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in these minerals provide a natural sunscreen to shield precious skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Abbey Jade Mineral Foundation powders have a natural Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB protection, are 100% natural and Vegan & are virtually waterproof. This is a guarantee of excellence and backs up our quality ingredient claims. Because of this it’s an excellent sports make-up and is ideal for women with active lifestyles…

Abbey Jade Cosmetics formulate products that do not contain FD&C dyes, talcum, clays, paraben preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum derived ingredients, fillers, lanolin, beeswax or any other animal products.

Abbey Jade Mineral Powder Foundations are formulated from 100% natural ingredients from the earth, with absolutely no chemicals added. We use only the purest, cosmetic-grade minerals available to ensure our customers’ skin ultimate health and happiness!



Are soothing to irritated skin

Acne and Rosacea sufferers will rejoice with this makeup as the ingredients incorporated in our products are believed to assist in the healing of broken out skin without drying. Abbey Jade Cosmetics foundations contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are known to help soothe skin.

Can be worn after facial surgeries

Again, Abbey Jade Cosmetics products contain no ingredients that are known to cause irritation, and may actually help to heal your skin. No longer do you need to suffer from red, raw looking skin after facial treatments or surgeries!

Provide beautiful coverage

Abbey Jade Cosmetics have the BEST COVERAGE of any makeup on the market. You do not need a separate concealer; our Mineral Foundation serves as a concealer, makeup and powder all in one!

But the best thing of all is that our products are so extraordinarily fine and light you will never look ‘made up’ wearing Abbey Jade Cosmetics; the makeup will not look caked or thick, you will appear to glow from within and it will not seem as if you are wearing anything on your face!

Your skin is able to breathe freely!

Appear flawless 

Our mineral makeup appears as if you are wearing no makeup and leaves no line around the jaw, unlike traditional liquid makeup. And it makes your skin look naturally flawless.

Are quick and easy to apply.

Our minerals buff beautifully into your skin to provide a flawless, natural glow. Simply buff and go. You can even apply our foundation without looking!

Are versatile. 

Darker foundation shades can be used for contour or bronzer, while lighter shades can be used for highlighting or eye shadow, etc. While our eyeshadows can be mixed with a little water or moisturiser to create a never ending range of beautiful colours of eyeliner, lipsticks, mascaras & shadows.

 Are long-lasting. 

Abbey Jade mineral makeup is virtually sweat-proof and water-proof!

Even after long days in humid weather, our makeup stays intact and beautiful, as compared to other kinds of makeup that drip and fade throughout the day. You will look the same when you walk in the door, home after a long day at work, as you did when you left with a fresh face of makeup in the morning. Trust me – IT’S TRUE! This alone makes it a perfect choice for brides!


A little goes a long way, so you save money!

You only need to use tiny amounts to get the required cover or effect.

Cruelty Free

Abbey Jade Raw Cosmetics is completely cruelty free and no products or ingredients are tested on animals.

100% Nano Free

The term nanoparticle is used to refer to a small particle with three dimensions less than 100 nanometres. The ingredients that are in question in relation to Powdered Mineral Foundation are Kaolin Clays, Titanium Dioxides, Zinc Oxides and Micas; we choose larger particle sizes in all these ingredients.

Our products use Titanium Oxide particle sizes ranging from 1.2 & 1.7 microns (1,200-1,700 nanometres) and Zinc Oxide particles between 0.25 & 0.35 microns (210-310 nanometres).

A great deal of research goes into what is safe to use in our Mineral Cosmetics and because of this hard work and diligence our ingredients are always safe and effective.