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Trina Ryan - Founder of Abbey Jade Cosmetics

Trina Ryan – Founder of Abbey Jade Cosmetics

With many years of experience in the beauty industry, as the founders of Abbey Jade Cosmetics, I recognised the need for an alternative kind of cosmetic product in the market. A product that is all natural and superior to the chemically created products currently on offer.

I had a desire to build a brand culture that is socially conscious. An Australian brand that is transparent in its claims, with products made completely from 100% genuinely natural mineral & plant ingredients. A cosmetic brand that is ethical and stands for a shift in attitude and the way we all view ourselves, nature and our environment.

Abbey Jade Cosmetics is a completely natural, Australian made cosmetic brand with a social and ethical conscious. We want the consumer to experience a positive change, both inside and out, as well as be confident that their footprint on the environment is minimised.

It is important to us to remain chemically free, allowing our customers to free their body of damaging toxins, as we believe that many of the growing health conditions that we all face at some time in our lives is a direct result of the thousands of chemicals we put on and in our bodies every day.

We choose to be the alternative to the chemically filled, mass produced products currently saturating the market. Our natural mineral makeup & 100% natural skincare products are designed to improve your skin and body health, seeking beauty from the inside out.

A part of complete body health is making sure we are happy and confident in who we are as people. Here at Abbey Jade we strive to encourage our consumers to be empowered. We hope to inspire people to have the strength and confidence in showing the world their individuality and always being naturally true to themselves.

The most important aspect of Abbey Jade Cosmetics is that we always remain true to our principles and claims. We promise to always remain naturally based, vegan, cruelty free, not tested on animals (even indirectly), socially conscious, environmentally friendly and most significantly, transparent.

Sometimes sticking to these principles may mean we are not able to offer a particular product, as it contradicts our stance. For example we have had to avoid offering a red lipstick range at this stage as we are not willing to add carmine (an animal product) or FD&C (chemicals) to our formulations. We recognise this may disappoint some of our customers and ultimately effect sales but the reason we developed our brand was to offer a range of products that is safe for all living things, that includes humans, animals and the environment. We are not just another makeup brand, we hope to help change the world for the better – even if its just a little.

This is our dream, and our passion!

We hope it becomes yours too!